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Hello, Sawatdee kaa and Sabai dee,

My next trip will be Thailand and Laos, and this is all about the before, the trip and the after - similar to my Malaysia/Cambodia blog. I am putting together from start to finish - tickets, do's and don'ts, tours, where to stay, places to see, things to do, as well as useful extras like transport, good places to eat, what to wear, climate, tourist traps, tricks and tips and whatever else I can think of that will be useful.

If you have any tips or advice, please, feel free to leave a comment and add your bit - whatever you think may be helpful or interesting.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

49. The Journey Begins

Above: Suitcase ready to go
Well it's time and I'm off to the airport - Thailand here I come!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

48. Chiang Mai Bus Ticket Booked

Another post I should have made last week. I did say I'd post here when I had news - well I did. Adisak emailed me last week saying he had the bus ticket and asked where should he send it - to accommodation in Chiang Mai or to Austrlaia. He will send it to where I'm staying in Chiang Mai and I'll pick it up when I arrive. So that's all done.

Above: Green Bus?
Is this, I wonder the famous Green Bus which goes from Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong? It must be a lady bus - it's earing a skirt!

Above: Too many passengers
I have heard it said that sometimes the buses are over full and carry more passengers than they should, but I think this is going too far, don't you? Then again, this most likely won't happen as you have to have a ticket to get on the bus.

47. Train Ticket Done and Dusted

Train Ticket Booked

Well now, I really should have posted this last week, but you know how things get - lots to do, not enough time...Anyhow, my ticket is all paid for and I have a confirmed booking.

How It Worked Out

They sent me the form, I printed it, filled it out, then tootled off to the Post Office to fax it over to them. Had to also fax a copy of my passport and both sides of the credit card. Cost me $7.00 to do this - first the Postmaster has to photocopy the things, there's a fee for that, then it gets faxed across - that's two pages and there's a fee for that too.

Which Class?
I went for second class with air-con, lower berth. The train departs at 19.35pm and arrives in Chiang Mai at 9.45am. The cost was 1,067 Baht which includes the 200 Baht handling fee. I am to meet their representative at the station at a certain time and pay 300 Baht (delivery fee) and then collect my ticket. All up, the total cost is 1,367 Baht. I'm not including the $7 for the Post Office. Anyway, I'm well pleased that it turned out that I will be travelling second class, not only because of the money saved, but it will be more enjoyable meeting other people.

I will book my train ticket Nong Khai to Bangkok after I've collected my ticket to Chiang Mai.
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